Artist Photographer Humanitarian Activist

Cari Flammia is an artist, photographer, humanitarian, and activist



Cari Flammia is a natural born artist. She began drawing as a young child and would spend much of her time drawing different cartoon characters. Her passion for visual arts grew stronger in high school and her teacher was a big inspiration for Cari and taught her 'how to see'. She began to work with different mediums and experimenting with paints, watercolor, drawing, and sculpture. As her life unfolded, however, Cari drifted away from art altogether and began pursuing other things. There was always a longing to go back to art and It wasn't until 2016, after about 15 years of dropping her paintbrush that Cari began to soul search and decided it was time to go back to doing what she really loves.

Now Cari is pursuing her biggest passions; visual arts, photography, humanitarian and activist work, traveling, and she's also in the process of writing a book.

As a humanitarian, Cari founded The Beatitudes Movement - an initiative that encourages people to put their blessings in action, reach out to others, and spread love in the world. Over the last two years, The Beatitudes Movement has organized numerous community events in support of local and international charitable organizations. Through her community involvement, Cari was chosen as one of the ‘150 Neighbours’, a recognition program led by the University of Toronto Scarborough.

Presently, Cari continues to work on her art and display her pieces throughout Toronto. Most recently, Cari displayed some of her art at the 2017 Pancakes And Booze Art Show, as well as an art exhibition she organized at the Dock on Queen as part of a fundraiser. On March 31st, 2018 Cari took part at the Audio-Visual show at The Gin Mill where some of her new 'My Heart' collection pieces were on display. 

Cari is excited to continue expressing herself through her art and photography while pursuing her humanitarian work and planting positive seeds.

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